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Thomas Jahrmarkt


"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."
Nikola Tesla
"The field is the primordial ground or matrix of life."
Max Planck
"The field is the only reality."
Albert Einstein
"Use your mind, or it will use you!"
Thomas Jahrmarkt
"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by becoming aware of darkness.
Carl Gustav Jung
"No valid becoming without perception of the shadow".
Karlfried Graf Dürckheim
"When you realize you're riding a dead horse, get off!"
indianische Sprichwort
"The Wetiko disease of the mind feeds on our ignorance."
Paul Levy
"Reason can oppose evil with greater force if anger is at its service."
Papst Gregor der Große
"It's our unconscious identification with autonomic complexes that makes it so hard for us to get a handle on them."
Paul Levy

True help is help for self-help

The great work

The “great work” (alchemy) describes the transformation of man. For this, the mind must be cleared, the body detoxified and fragmented soul parts reunited. The true must be separated from the superimposed false. We reconnect the human system to the natural law and separate it from the artificial matrix. The deepest traumatic impressions in the energy and nervous system serve as a portal or docking point for the matrix. The uncoupling often requires professional accompaniment. I help people with this.

“Trauma is the portal in the field through which the enemy can enter and sprinkle his poison!”

The analytical part of my work consists of systemic thinking, necessary laboratory diagnostics and the classical naturopathic therapies to renaturalize the body. My main concern is to purge the field of consciousness, to separate the true from the false and to clean it up. The adversary, the one who causes suffering (wetiko), enters through the mind. He scatters his frequencies among ours and we unconsciously build them into our identity, belief system and life as creative beings. We learn to distinguish between our true SELF and the enemy and decouple the original, the SELF from the superimposed conditioning.

“The best therapy for the body is a calm and peaceful mind!”

Trauma causes turbulence in the nervous system. This can have an unwholesome effect on body and mind. We get to the bottom of it and reinstall stillness in the field. When the trauma is healed, the nervous system becomes calmer and the portal is sealed. Strangers can no longer enter and leave without permission.

Spectrum from an energetic point of view

Spectrum from a medical point of view