Space for healing

I offer space for healing with much presence, attention and empathy. Together we illuminate the levels on which illness has settled and find ways to heal. Often people come to me with long medical histories and thick binders, who have already visited many therapists. Instead of dealing with illness, we focus more on health and healing. We focus you completely on healing.


Complexity of the causes

You are sitting in the car and suddenly the engine fails while you are driving. You don’t know what exactly happened, but a red warning lamp lights up clearly. The lamp is the symptom of the defect, you do not know its cause. What would you say if the mechanic suggested simply cutting the wires of the warning light or removing it altogether?

Of course, you expect the mechanic to find the cause and fix the defect, not simply suppress the symptom. After all, the lamp will not light up even if the cause of the defect has been eliminated and the car is running properly again. In addition, it remains as a warning system for possible future defects.


Healing does not mean fighting symptoms, but finding and eliminating causes!

Chronic diseases are multisystem diseases that usually arise from a constellation of multiple maintaining causes.

The human being is in principle capable of compensating for many health disorders. Most diseases have several sustaining causes that eventually break the camel’s back and produce symptoms in different parts of the body. Thus, one person can smoke all his life if other stresses are not present and he eats a reasonably sensible diet, while others fall fatally ill with lung cancer. It is only of short-term use to ‘repair’ individual organs if the constellation of causes that led to the disease has not been recognized and eliminated.

In detailed discussions, examinations and laboratory tests we determine which causes are relevant in your case. The aim of the therapy is to eliminate the causes so that the self-healing powers can work again.
However, you have to help. Without your cooperation it will not work. It is your self-healing powers!

The human being is in principle able to compensate for many health disorders. Most of the illnesses have several maintaining causes, which bring the barrel at some point to overflow and produce symptoms at different parts of the body. Thus, one person can smoke all his life if other stresses are not present and he eats a reasonably sensible diet, while others fall fatally ill with lung cancer. It is only of short-term use to ‘repair’ individual organs if the constellation of causes that led to the disease has not been recognized and eliminated.

In detailed discussions, examinations and laboratory tests, we determine which causes are relevant in your case. The aim of the therapy is to eliminate the causes so that the self-healing powers can work again.
However, you have to help. It will not work without your cooperation. After all, it is your self-healing powers! constellation of several maintaining causes arise.

Biological intelligence

The first single-celled organisms lived about 3.5 billion years ago. About 2 billion years ago, two unicellular organisms fused, which then evolved into multicellular organisms. Eventually, complex multicellular organisms emerged. The human body is a “cell state” made up of about 12 trillion of its own cells. In every single cell about 30,000-100,000 chemical reactions take place per second! In addition, there are estimated twice as many microorganisms as we have cells, which live in symbiosis with us! No one knows exactly how such an organism functions and is organized.

That such a highly complex being must have a certain intelligence or organizational ability is difficult to deny. The cells have several billion years of experience in dealing with disturbances (diseases) and have developed regulation and repair mechanisms to remedy these disturbances and to heal themselves. .

A simple example is fever: In this case the organism raises the temperature to kill bacteria by heat. In diarrhea, it speeds up the passage time of intestinal contents to expel something that doesn’t agree with it. This is also very sensible and intelligent. Less intelligent is to fight these self-healing forces and thus suppress sensible symptoms like fever or diarrhea

The therapeutic goal is always to strengthen your self-healing powers. The basis of all naturopathic therapy is detoxification and nutritional measures to improve basic cellular metabolic functions. We reestablish order in the mind.

The Body-mind

As worn out and abused as this wisdom, which has been degraded to a phrase, may sound, its meaning and content have never been more current and necessary for our medicine and us humans than now. Placebo research and psycho-neuro-endocrine-immunology show us that we have enormous influence on our health with our beliefs, our thinking and our emotions. Too often, people with non-measurable complaints are put in the psycho drawer with the contemptuous advice to relax a bit.

Much more important is actually the message, who can think or feel sick, can also heal himself with corresponding positive thoughts or feelings!

Our biological system is not made for the way we live. Chronic stress, lack of exercise and poor quality food often lead to neurovegetative instability. Permanent stress disturbs our sensitive balance and we can no longer relax, our organs suffer from constant tension. Sterile apparatus medicine helps well in acute diseases, but it is mostly helpless in chronic diseases. It is time to integrate consciousness back into medical treatment. Your mind can change your biochemistry and your body structure! If it can make it sick, it can also heal it! It depends strongly on your willingness to change if and how your health can develop.

Perhaps you know the principle from your computer. In the rarer cases the hardware (body) is damaged if your computer does not do what you ask of it. More often, software (mind) problems underlie it.

“Brain researchers are discovering how the mind can change the biology of the body and help it overcome illness. Meditating, yoga and positive thinking, long dismissed as esoteric, are conquering conventional medicine.” Quote from Spiegel article “Healing with the Mind.”

We look for blockages and healing on different levels:

  • structural level/body
  • energy system/emotions
  • mental field/thought patterns/beliefs
  • family system/ancestral experiences
  • transpersonal level/collective unconsciousness
  • spirituality/sacred spirit/God


It is incredibly liberating to overcome the misidentification with body and mind and to perceive ourselves again as what we are, pure consciousness! When fear and other negativity no longer influence your system, you can blossom again, relax in peace and simply be yourself.


First of all, I find it interesting that the word self-healing power exists at all. Both in my personal and in the stories of the people I was allowed to accompany in recovery or self-healing processes, I could observe the phenomenon of self-healing when the way for it was paved.

The word presupposes the existence of a “SELF” The term is anything but clearly defined. Religious/esoteric currents as well as psychology use the term in most different definitions. C.G. Jung made a clear distinction between a big original SELF and the small ego. To me, the term makes the most sense for describing the divine spark within us that vitalizes or animates us. It is the perceiving in us, but it is not fixed. It is limitless, timeless, everlasting, and survives death; it is the constant, unchanging behind the veil of appearances. It is not the ego, this mask of conditioning, programming; role-playing and self-images that we put on ourselves (unconsciously) every day because we think we are separate from the world.

In occult knowledge the (true) SELF describes a state of consciousness free of conditioning and individual claims to existence. It can be uncovered to be an accomplished, matured human being to awaken to full potential. To do this, one must push the ego aside somewhat. The SELF is an individuation from the whole, but still the whole. Who finds his SELF, has found God/Source in himself! Who rests in the SELF, is free and again connected with the big whole, just healed or whole. The Buddha and some saints or enlightened people have widely implemented the process of self-development and should not be idols for us, but rather role models and proofs of human potential. They were not special people when they developed this process. They became special beings only through the application of natural laws in which they believed.

The word “selflessness” should actually be unnamed into ego-lessness or egolessness. Because here again clearly the confusion in the German language or in the German spirit shows up, caused by the unclear definitions of I and SELF. The SELF is the perceiving in the inner consciousness space, the presence, the “I AM”, in which among else appears, also the small and seperated self, thus the ego, the monkeymind. So, the psychological mind appears as a separated person inside the SELF. Who tames the ego, frees the SELF! Who does not believe the ego any more, ends up in the SELF.

If this SELF is able to heal itself, then it is powerful. Again and again one reads or hears about inconceivable healings of terminally ill people. Apparently different ways lead to this goal. Some put themselves completely in the hands of therapists and are cured of their ailments with chemotherapy or naturopathy. Others trust only nature, withdraw, nourish themselves like primeval people and also become healthy. What both have in common is that they allow drastic changes to take place in their lives. One surrenders to the practitioner, the other surrenders to nature. Surrender also describes the process that detaches the ego from the SELF. One gives up or surrenders the ego and with it one’s claims to power, faces up and sees that the ego is too small for this world and that it would be smarter to trust other forces. Man becomes aware of his ignorance and helplessness and accepts it. When the ego loses power, the SELF is exposed. The ego’s claim to be an independent existence costs energy. The facades, boundaries and masks need to be straightened, polished and maintained. Otherwise, what would the neighbors think if they noticed that we are nothing? But that’s all we are, fortunately. The SELF has no claim to a separate, split-off existence. It just is. It can’t be hurt and it is (w)hol(e)y.

“It is not that we do not want to acknowledge anything above us that makes us free, but precisely that we worship something that is above us. For by honoring it, we lift ourselves up to it and show by our recognition that we ourselves carry the higher in us and are worthy to be its equals.” Goethe

Illnesses, like nothing else, can lead man into situations that force him to SELF-knowledge and to accept reality. Things do not run smoothly, the person suffers and cannot live as he wants. Illness can become a sign or the missing link to happiness. Where it leads, if everybody does what he wants, we can observe at the handling of this planet, at the interpersonal behavior or in the traffic. Ruthlessness and destruction are the consequences of an inflated ego with claims to power or existence. With a disease, a person is restricted in his actions. He can no longer act as he wants. He suffers. Suffering can lead to the ego being “soft boiled”. Suffering seems to be a fast way to the SELF. The ego loses its claims to existence and its lust for power, because the sick person (or SELF) would already be happy to be free of pain for only one day. The joy about it would be so great that the pure being without further claims is enough to be happy. Everything else would be bonus! This state should be so delightful that one would not be able to hurt others at all. Suffering creates compassion, which in turn can liberate from suffering. Everyone who goes through an illness has had an experience of suffering and therefore knows how others feel when they are ill. Compassion is a vehicle on the path to enlightenment or healing; it is an aspect of unconditional love that points to its origin. Man subordinates his own existence to the good of the community. He helps other people to be liberated from suffering. He who establishes the beauty of the SELF permanently no longer occupies himself unnecessarily with negativity and worry, but dwells in the sacred.

Such processes are often accompanied by love, calm, peace, mindfulness, realization and awareness. The mind clears and becomes calm. Becoming is a vulnerable is beautiful way. It is always possible. You can start right away and let gentleness, compassion and devotion into your life. God is not far away in heaven. He is waiting for us in our hearts. He is knocking on the door there from within, actually from the inside. We can also see him in other beings, some find this access easier at first. For example, take care of your fellow human beings. Give away some love, it will increase as a result. Wish the cashier a nice end of the day, smile at oncoming people on the street or give other people the right of way. Make your everyday life more loving and live more intensively. Feel into the propable message of your illness and soften. Accept it, what you cant’ change and change what you you must change. See it as a chance, as your personal individual way of life, as your shortcut to happiness. Who says you have to be healthy to be happy? Maybe illness offers the chance to be happy anyway. Or even more so? I know, …it this is the master-class!

So the activation of self-healing power is in the foreground of the work. A true SELF must therefore be recognized and experienced. For this, blockages on different levels have to be removed. The own mind is the biggest prison. The transformation path from ego to SELF is often stony and therefore bumpy, full of traps and pitfalls.

Don’t let illness be a dead end on your true path. Use even illness for your soul purpose

We should detoxify and nourish ourselves better, balance ourselves emotionally, purify our thoughts, make peace with our parents/ancestors and finally willingly give up our ego to humbly accept our place in this world.