Thomas Jahrmarkt


My personal and professional path to healing was shaped incisively by an accident in 1998. From one second to the next, I went from being an exercise fanatic to a sports invalid. I am a wounded healer. My own wounds create the access to the place of healing, where the rod of Asclepius is hidden. My interest in meditation, spirituality and natural healing methods was thereby strengthened without alternative and put to the acid test by further illnesses and strokes of fate. I know what illness requires and enables! I am a reminder. I remind you of who you originally were and are, behind all the interference fields, conditioning and build-ups or attacks of the mind. We visit an “I” in you, which is healthy, always was and always will be. This means that I help you to uncover your very own energy field and you come into your power. I am not one of those “poof-you-are-healed” healers, but someone who shows you the way to become and stay independent and learn to heal and transform. Am I free myself? No – far from it! My soul is a battlefield of demons, who played their game a little too colorfully, so that it was blown open.

You and me?


  • you feel that something is going wrong and you need some help to get started
  • woke up, but the pull of the matrix binds you again and again
  • have basically seen through the game and want to free yourself, but get tangled in the veil again and again
  • you are “healthy” according to orthodox medicine but still sick
  • you have been treated and are still not healthy
  • are looking for rational naturopathy and integration of consciousness
  • want to work on your programming and think and feel more freely
  • want to know who you really are
  • seek help for self-help – liberation from therapeutic dependence.
  • are looking for causes and solutions without permanent medication
  • suspect that your complaints can be influenced psychologically
  • suffer from one or more chronic diseases
  • are looking for someone who thinks systemically and does not get lost in details
  • wish to act in harmony with yourself and nature
  • take responsibility and show readiness for change
  • are looking for someone who listens and whom you can trust
  • are ready to face, look and want to work on the healing process
  • have suffered enough
  • have had enough!
  • have been everywhere and can no longer stand the superficial cosmetics
  • want to come into your power and are ready to overcome any resistance


  • know many traps, deceptions and have a very good map of the soul landscape
  • turn the tables with you and teach the demons to fear
  • do everything from the first visit to make you feel better
  • If I see a more sensible therapy through conventional medicine or a colleague, I recommend it!
  • consider education and increase of your responsibility and self-knowledge as important
  • Self-knowledge and felt truths are more effective than hierarchically indoctrinated beliefs.
  • Self-experience-based therapy instead of ego cosmetics
  • Activation and uncovering of self-healing powers
  • Combination of modern science, the experiences of naturopathy and spirituality…
  • find the level where the problem originated
  • am strong in supporting emotional healing and reconnection with the core
  • Working together with you in the field of consciousness
  • Thoughts co-create reality!
  • Multimodal approach
  • Replicable procedures
  • “Healing” is related to ” holy” and means more than swallowing pills. “Medica mente” means “healing through the mind.”
  • Detoxification and nutritional measures are the basis of sustainable treatment.