Unconscious education to become a matrix control agent?


If someone wants to install an artificial order (matrix), one must decouple the participants (agents) of this imposed matrix from the natural order and bind them instead to the artificial laws of the matrix. A matrix in this sense is therefore a reality that docks directly to the nervous system of the participants and exists and is maintained only through this. The matrix lives through its slaves. Like a god, it needs believers to make it real. The process of docking into the system is extremely subtle, but actually obvious. It is done by psychological warfare (hostile infiltration of the victim's mind) and by installing hardware (transhumanism) in the natural body of the unwilling subject. The matrix is pushing!

How does the Matrix recruit its agents?

A Matrix control agent is a living being in our world who is in the service of the so-called rulers and defends their “rights” and “duties” without necessarily being aware of it.

Nature vs. Matrix

Since there is no further authority according to natural law than the nature/source/GOD/truth, which has not equipped us senselessly with free will by the way (!), there are actually no rulers and no slaves (obeying). If somebody nevertheless wants to install an artificial order (matrix), one must decouple the participants (agents) of this imposed matrix from the natural law and bind them instead to the artificial laws of the matrix. A matrix in this sense is therefore a reality that docks directly to the nervous system of the participants and is only existent or maintained by it. The matrix lives through its slaves. Like a god, it needs believers to make it real. The process of docking into the system is extremely subtle, but actually obvious. It is done by psychological warfare (hostile infiltration of the victim’s mind) and by installing hardware (transhumanism) in the natural body of the unwilling subject. The matrix is pushing!

Victim strategy

We can see how obedience is instilled in military training. The original SELF as the sole sovereign is devalued (core criterion of evil! according to J. Locke) and broken and with it one procures access to the setup. The original true SELF as monarch/metaprogrammer/sovereign must be undermined and split and this position must be reoccupied. When the archaic survival centers in the brain make enough noise, like a smoke detector, principles are thrown overboard! If the SELF is not firmly anchored by “holy great work”, it goes overboard itself. From experiences with the Stockholm Syndrome we know that something like this happens when extreme violence is used (another sure sign of malice: the use of violence). The SELF is broken (split/traumatized) and can now be conquered (divide and conquer- core strategy of evil). In Stockholm Syndrome, the traumatized victim begins to “love” the perpetrator in order to survive. We must be aware that the mind is programmable!

I just wanted to be good!

In a weakened, not so obvious way obedience, submissiveness and being good is taught in the school. Officially it is called education, behind the scenes one is drilled and made fit for the matrix. Hopeful matrix control candidates get good grades. Refusers, non-conformists, maladjusted and self-thinkers get problems with the structure. The matrix attacks these non-conformers via the unconscious well-meaning training staff (teacher) and creates the necessary force (=pressure in the nervous system) to adapt the behavior. The teacher has to pass on the pressure to the students, otherwise he gets in trouble. This is how the system is designed. The pressure is passed on further and further down. An order is offered and the person becomes the perpetrator by carrying it out individually.

Foreign electric fences in one’s own nervous system?

This pressure, this violence is not legitimate. It is a violation of the natural divine laws and thus serves evil. However, the twisting is not conscious, but passes as normal! In earliest socialization and education therefore already the brain is manipulated, so that the matrix control system with its artificial value system can dock itself to the nervous system. By continuous repetition with reward and punishment the system is established and the small sensitive brain is conditioned. Security fences with electric wire are (symbolically) installed in the nervous system, so that the created personality remains within the created prison. The more “well-behaved” one is, the more afraid one is of thinking “forbidden things”, the better the imprinting works, the more effectively the electric shock in the nervous system has imprinted the behavior.

Attack on the brain

This is how an artificial matrix can be superimposed on the natural order. The aspirant is decoupled, his natural value system is overwritten and he now obeys more or less like a Pavlovian dog1. The goal of the matrix is always to install its values as “good” and to twist the natural order with it. It will always find reasons, why it is now just necessary to represent its values and to use force for it, even if it is obvious for healthy brains that it is manipulated. The more twisted the aspirant is, the more enthusiastically he will judge the twisting as “good” and “true” and act according to it.

But it resonates so beautifully

In the NewAge, aspirants like to say that something “resonates strongly with them” and mean that it must be true because they feel it. The question is always what it resonates with! If it resonates with the true SELF, it is right and true. However, if it resonates with the religiously conditioned new spiritual ego (false self), it can also feel quite wonderful to the unenlightened observer. The matrix rewards conformity with advancement in the system, prestige, money, and especially power. Consensus reality is a collective neural matrix prison. Attempts to escape are rebuked and sanctioned with character assassination, denial campaigns, and various Nazi clubs. The primal trauma is activated, which is always triggered at “separation” (originally from the universe) and immediately activates the amygdala (the smoke detector) in the brain. The consciousness of the reptilian brain hijacks the cerebral cortex with archaic feelings of fear and displaces the captain there, or rather what is left of him, from the helm. The body-mind unit is set back on course and guilt and shame programs keep the captain down.

Free-range is captivity too!

In case of sheeple waking up, the shepherd likes to offer a more pleasant nose ring and the sheeple then comes into free-range (NewAge-Cage), which it mistakes for freedom. The same control systems are loaded with new images. The little sheep now feels morally elevated because it has recognized certain truths and invites other little sheep to also come into the elevated free-range attitude. The warden is now misjudged as a good shepherd! The matrix rulers of course laugh themselves slack, how self-appointed gurus as spiritual matrix control agents lead the sheeple into the regulated apparent freedom and serve it up as liberation. In fact, they have landed in “Unicornia2”, another neural prison, painted purple with angels, saving ETs and ascended masters as (good) wardens and superduper vegan food as moral confirmation. Climate saviors seem to fall into the same trap with their electric cars. Moral loftiness here belies the green-painted prison, while the matrix reaps rich harvest through recognition of its values.

Give me more of that delicious poison, please!

If the aspirant has graduated from school well-behaved, he has adopted the world view via the sociocultural education and the individual transgenerationally transmitted matrix control programs of parents and educators. His value system, as a product of education, is more or less decoupled from the natural law. The more unnatural, i.e. civilized the environment is, the more the education is driven by transhumanistic eutanasia. Everything that promotes a healthy body-mind is the enemy of the matrix. Anything that manipulates it, weakens it, makes it divisive and capturable supports the Matrix agenda. Thus, strong electromagnetic fields can be sold to the sheeple as progress, chemtrails that manipulate the weather as climate protection and products in the food that damage the body as modern kitchen aids, but which actually enable the mass human attitude in the matrix in the first place. Regular prophylactic injections into his temple are supposed to protect in only. There are always good reasons to support the matrix agenda! It will always start at our imprints and conditionings, so that we do not climb over the electric fence in the nervous system. The impressive result is the aspirant finally voluntarily climbs into the mouth of the cannibal. He surrenders his sovereign free will with the power to say “no” at the wardrobe of the matrix.

Everything that happens inside the fence is automatic. It is a millennia-old milking system that once took a lot of work to install, but now generates loosh (energy food) largely automatically. If a lamb does make it over the fence, the matrix has to be more selectively active. The standard control programs work well inside the prison, escaping sheep call for more intelligent mechanisms.

The matrix sets the dogs on us!

Special agents attack the sheep individually. The blind spots in the sheep are targeted, which were most successfully imprinted in the conditioning, so that the neuronal impulses gain effect. The main trauma is the fastest way of the matrix to our rudder on the (captain’s) bridge. Special agents are soulless matrix people (soizio-psychopaths, narcissists) who are far advanced in the process of dehumanization and thus represent the matrix agenda almost in its pure form. The heart has grown cold, evil has prevailed, compassion and empathy are only concepts that the special agent can effectively fake to reel in the sheeple. They have already tasted so much blood that they are addicted to alien suffering and have adopted the vampiric-cannibalistic diet of the rulers. The Matrix hunts its special agents like dogs for runaways and creates the “dark night of the soul” for them. “Mr Smith” symbolically represents the final opponent before escaping to the next level. The victory over the induced matrix fear and the regaining of the control over the own nervous system, corresponds symbolically to the uncoupling of the matrix programs and Neo’s awakening in the battery cell!

Who doesn’t start the ” great work3 “, runs the risk to be ignorantly a matrix control agent and to receive matrix paroles for truths. Who repeats like a parrot the slogans of the mainstream media and thinks to work with it in the service of the security or as a do-gooder for the truth, is most likely an unconscious matrix control agent himself. To what extent have you uninstalled programs installed by others?

Nothing is as dangerous as a lie believed to be true

Nothing is as dangerous as a twist in the value system, so that man willingly carries out evil and even defends it in the name of good. The more a person believes a lie, the more convincing he can appear to others. In the case of Satanists and other psychopaths and is very impressive, how the highly intellectual among them, can convince people of themselves and win them over. And this is such a clever move of the Matrix. It takes advantage of man’s urge for good by exchanging good for evil. In the consequence the human being still follows his natural drive to the good, the Wetiko Mindparasite, however, has taken over the reins in the brain and has turned the course by 180° unnoticed! The horses run on obediently, unknowingly about the fact that the coachman is not their real master! Like a wind-up man that marches on, no matter in which direction one turns it!

The “great work”

To free oneself, continuous work on different levels is necessary. Man must detoxify himself from foreign hardware (body) and software (Wetiko mind parasite). It is the famous pulling oneself out of the mess. The true SELF (Spirit) must be recognized and reactivated. Fragmented parts of the soul have to be reintegrated. The helm belongs to the true SELF. One must find the captain’s hat again and allow oneself to wear it. Many people do not dare to take their SOUVEREIGNTY, which of course has been skillfully trained. I have seen matrix control prisons on clients that were so obvious, yet so well hidden from the prisoner, that they were invisible. Making them visible can be fraught with enormous stress for the subject, as the control systems fight tooth and nail against recapture. Wetiko effectively unpacks the Taser4 and “electroshocks” the brain that is willing to break free. This ties up a lot of the attention that the escaping heroine needs. The one who smells a rat and remains present at the decisive moment can turn the tables in these tough wars of position and chase the shabby dictator from the sacred court or captain’s bridge, snatch the crown or captain’s cap from him full of determination and wisdom (=applied knowledge) and duly ceremoniously crown himself back the only rightful monarch.

Dear warrior

be strong and take up the holy weapons NOW. Your throne is worth defending. Fight with razor sharp mind and separate the false matrix from the underlying nature. Take the fast, the direct way and do a reset (“Cogito ergo sum”) and turn around if necessary. Strip off the reins and put them back on the mind. Wetiko only threatens! The situation under constantly threatened subsidies is much worse than finally facing the final opponent. Wetiko wants to boil you. Like a puffed up Michelin man it threatens with pumped up muscles. Ironically, you can defeat Wetiko figuratively with a small needle and deflate it. The little needle is called truth. Wetiko lives on the belief in its illusions, on the effect of its imposition, on your signature under its rotten agenda. It needs you as an executive authority. Without you nothing is running here! You are important! Refuse to obey it! From now on and don’t stop with it. I promise you, you will not only endure the threatened sanctions, nature will even reward you for it. To refuse the obedience to the matrix means loyalty to nature/source/GOD/truth. Truth is a nourishing bubbling spring at which we can refresh ourselves. The more we drink exclusively from it, the less we tolerate the lie. We develop antibodies against the mind parasite, which do not boil only with water in contrast to Wetiko…

In that sense: “Hold on soldier!”




2″Ostrich parasite syndrome (OPS) construct an alternative reality known as Unicornia. In such a world, science, reason, rules of causality, thresholds of evidence, a nearly infinite amount of data, data analysis procedures, inferential statistics, the epistemological rules inherent in the scientific method, rules of logic, historical patterns, everyday patterns, and common sense are rejected. Instead, the delusional ramblings of an OPS sufferer are based on illusory correlations, non-existent causal relationships, and feel-good progressive platitudes. Ostrich logic is always delivered with an air of haughty moral superiority.” Gad Saad – The parasitic mind

3Sacred or great work (alchemy) refers to the necessary steps on the path to enlightenment or liberation.

4Electrical pulse weapon. Taser used by the police….

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