Shadow projection

shadow projection

A key mechanism Wetiko uses to hack into our system is shadow projection. It is a classic defensive strategy of the ego to avoid starting the "great work". Shadow work is that inner part of the "great work" to meet the darkness inside.

Shadow projection as a gateway for Wetiko

Shadow Work

Only when you truly understand and see the evil at work in the world will you know what it takes to defeat it. Most people don’t have a clue and may not even begin to face it. But you can only know and see it objectively and without clouded perceptions and projections to the extent that you have faced your own darkness.

This is the essence of shadow work, a term much hyped and misused these days, usually in a distorted intellectual way, because the work is deep, an immersion in the archetypal underworld. The ego, as the operative controller and mediator between worlds, is afraid of this process. The occult, hostile forces feed on this fear and keep humanity shackled to it. But the only way out is inward and through.

Shadow work is thus an essential part of the “great work” that man must do sooner or later. The shortest and fastest way to the true SELF leads right through the darkness. The enemy has provided this important path with traps, countless detours and dead ends, so that we are irritated, stopped and induced to turn back. I like to remind you of the mantra of the master exorcist Padmasambhava, which can accompany us on the path in a strengthening way: “The stronger the enemy, the stronger I become.”

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by becoming aware of darkness.”
-Carl Jung

Shadow Projection

A key mechanism Wetiko uses to hack into our system is shadow projection. It is a classic defensive strategy of the ego to avoid starting the “great work”. Unseen parts of oneself are thereby put over another person and named as alien. It is a combination of a rescue attempt of the soul to integrate the own parts and a defense strategy of the ego. To understand Wetiko, it is helpful to use the imagery of the soul. Carl Gustav Jung uses the concept of a hook, which is needed to hang a projection screen, like a canvas for the shadow. The person with the shadow “sees” in another person a resonance frequency for his shadow, which he cannot perceive in himself, and uses this as a hook for the screen.

“Unfortunately, there is no doubt that man as a whole is less good than he imagines or wants to be. Everyone carries a shadow and the less it is embodied in the conscious life of the individual, the darker and denser it is. When an inferiority is conscious, one always has the opportunity to correct it. Moreover, it is in constant contact with other interests, so it is constantly subject to change. But when it is suppressed and isolated from consciousness, it is never revised. It can also erupt in a moment of ignorance. In any case, it forms an unconscious hook that blocks recent attempts. ”
-Carl Jung

Wetiko takes advantage of this blindness. It jumps on everything that is not “nailed down” and squeezes out as much suffering and misery as it can. If Wetiko overdoes it, the sleeper wakes up and realizes that there is no other way than to start the ” great work “. The aspirant thus recognizes Wetiko as a necessary evil, turns the tables, and begins to use Wetiko and learn from it. This decisive turning point is the beginning of the end of Wetiko. It is the rebirth as a spiritual warrior. We then have Wetiko continuously on the screen and watch it so that it cannot do anything unobserved until we have exposed all its guises and tricks, thus making it visible. We put Wetiko on a leash! The great confusion is over and we can clearly distinguish between SELF and non-self. The confusion that Wetiko installed with a false self as a stage in between ends. The mind benefits and clarifies.

Hinweis: Alle auf meinen Seiten veröffentlichten Texte wurden von mir verfasst, sofern nicht explizit auf eine externe Quelle verwiesen wurde und haben keinen Anspruch auf umfassende Darstellung. Sie enthalten lediglich meine persönliche Meinung zu den dargestellten Themen. Alle vorgestellten Methoden beruhen auf naturheilkundlicher Erfahrungsmedizin und haben keinerlei Anspruch auf wissenschaftliche Korrektheit. Ich weise ausdrücklich darauf hin, dass sich die schulmedizinische Lehrmeinung von meinen Darstellungen unterscheiden kann!