Spiritual traps and spiritual emergencies

spiritual traps

n a society that does not really accept or promote extra-religious spirituality, there are few places to go for spiritual emergencies or crises. The spiritual path is full of spiritual traps and deceptions and our societal emergency services, such as the police, the church, medicine and especially psychiatry are at least infiltrated by the Adversary in this regard, if not firmly in his hands. Whoever has intense unexpected spiritual experiences is not infrequently psychiatrized. Whoever dives too deeply into the spiritual world may not get rid of the spirits he called.

What are spiritual emergencies?

  • You’ve taken drugs and had experiences that don’t fit into mainstream reality and are now having trouble integrating your experiences?
  • You have conjured up powers and now can’t get rid of them?
  • Your mind is going crazy and you no longer know what is real and what is not?
  • The burden of information from the alternative media overwhelms you?
  • Your doctor calls it psychosis or even schizophrenia and says the voices are hallucinations. You are psychiatrized and have little chance of recovery according to the narrative?
  • You are in the wake of spiritual gurus, channelings, etc. and have unnoticed neglected access to your source?
  • You sit unnoticed in a New (C)age cage, have joined groups or leaders who throw glorious esoteric floss around and invest your energy unnoticed in windmills or other bubbles?
  • You have invited hyperdimensional beings, aliens, demons or other forces and are declared insane?

Healthy in a sick society?

“It is not a sign of health to be well adapted to a society that is fundamentally sick.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti.

Spiritual emergencies arise on the spiritual plane. The Spirit falls into a trap and gets into distress. In a society that does not really accept or promote extra-religious spirituality, there are few places to go for spiritual emergencies or crises. The spiritual path is full of traps and deceptions and our societal emergency services, such as the police, the church, medicine and especially psychiatry are at least infiltrated by the Adversary in this regard, if not firmly in his hands. Whoever has intense unexpected spiritual experiences is not infrequently psychiatrized. Whoever dives too deeply into the spiritual world may not get rid of the spirits he called. Who goes to the police or to the doctor and speaks of chemtrails, mindcontrol, implants, a psychovirus (Wetiko), dark forces, extraterrestrials, occupations or energetic attacks, must expect a call from the health department, so that the distorted perception is corrected again or so that the sheeple is standardized again. Evil has infiltrated these help systems and everything that is experienced outside the common world view and paradigm simply does not exist and gets the stamp hallucination, psychosis, schizophrenia or delusion. The victim falls into the trap of no longer trusting his own perception at a sensitive point in his journey on the spiritual path. The extreme experience that opens a door for growth and spiritual development thus becomes more firmly nailed than before. The system traumatizes the traveler, not because the practicing individuals are evil, but because they are simply ignorant of these realms and act instrumentally. I am not saying that all schizophrenics, psychotics and conspiracy theorists are right and are actually saints, but only that among them are misinterpreted spiritual emergencies who, with some knowledge of how the processes work, could be valuable pillars of our society today, rather than loyal customers of the psychopharmaceutical industry.

“Mystics and psychotics are in the same ocean. One swims, the other sinks.”  Ronald D. Laing, psychiatrist

Demons or autonomous complexes? Occupied or chemical imbalance?

Maybe your experiences are not pathological at all, they just do not fit into the world view of the treating physicians. A medicine that sees a large part of the electromagnetic spectrum as irrelevant for the development of disease can do great harm with an arrogant “there is no such things” attitude. Perhaps different systems describe the same phenomena from different perspectives? Maybe the Oh-so-enlightened-mind has blind spots where demons cavort and perform joy dances, due to their move to have lured the “enlightened” person into a trap. Looking at the medical and especially psychological worldview before 1900, spirituality was far more integrated than it is today. C.G. Jung, the Viennese psychologist finally called the inner psychological phenomena autonomous complexes and recognized their origin in so-called archetypes. These are forces that inhabit the landscape of the soul and seek and find expression in the world through the host, that is us. We can think of them as inner-psychic forces or even figures that express themselves through us. In order for us to hand over the helm of our system to them, they have to come up with a few things. A well-integrated personality is not as easy to kick out of the driver’s seat as an unstable person. The traumatized person in particular is characterized by autonomous complexes overpowering the personality and banishing it to the back seat. The trauma is then not integrated into the personality and the person is vulnerable to assault or attack by the archetypal forces to hijack the person at the traumatic point of their psyche, the wound. However, if the victim consciously perceives voices of these autonomic complexes, the perception no longer fits the medical paradigm. The old worldview of possessions, demonic forces and a spiritual dimension of existence of these beings then again fits better to understand the patient. In the current medical worldview, the victim is psychiatrized and (mis)treated or even mistreated because of an alleged neurotransmitter imbalance. Such imbalances in neurotransmitter balance, which form the paradigm of pharmaceutical psychiatry, have not, to my knowledge, been rudimentarily proven to justify this “can’t see, doesn’t exist” mentality in dealing with intrapsychic entities. Jerry Marzinksy is a rich source of experience in this regard. He exposes the helplessness and cluelessness of psychiatry after 35 years of professional experience with people diagnosed with schizophrenia. With the necessary spiritual background understanding, the disease picture expands the world view.

What enables spiritual emergencies?

All situations in which one lowers one’s protective shields carry the potential danger of uninvited guests entering. The most common situation culturally is drug-induced psychosis, to stay in the jargon of the so-called “experts.” That is, you have experienced something through drugs that does not officially exist. The person who is now treating you, however, usually has no direct experience in this area and cannot understand your experiences. They get their knowledge from smart books. The establishment squeezes you with your experiences into a pigeonhole into which you obviously do not fit. Your perception and experience is rationalized away, categorized as a hallucination and you are unspokenly declared neurotic or crazy.

Psychedelics and drugs to expand consciousness

Especially psychedelic drugs and amphetamines weaken the personality or it dissolves completely (psycholysis). This is about like lowering your protective shields, opening the driver’s door and voluntarily leaving the driver’s seat. This can go well, but also go badly wrong, especially if one has no idea what is happening and cannot find anyone who can understand the experience and integrate it into an expanded world view. By opening the protective shield, archetypal forces can penetrate far into the core. A lessening of the drug effect may close the shields again, bring back the personality, but the helm may remain in alien hands.

Since we care so little about who “I” am, it is entirely within the norm for us to say “I” and actually mean the expression of an archetype, or at worst, a demon within. We only need to look into the world to see that destructive forces come into the world through us. The devil’s best trick has been to make us believe that he does not exist. We need to explore who is pretending to be “I”, whether it is the true self or a fake “I”, a masked demon pretending to be “I”.

If we go on a trip with an unresolved trauma, a fierce autonomic complex, a preexisting presence of extraneous attachments, things can get pretty bumpy. By dropping the filters of perception, we become more aware of this energy in our field and can get quite a scare. The camouflage of the archetypal figure blows and it attacks by necessity. With its back to the wall, it goes on the attack. Escape to the front! It takes the chance to hijack us. An insightful trip can be very healing and end a siege. A horrotrip is characterized by the fact that the veil falls, but the adversary fights bitterly for his existence in our field. He throws everything into the ring, presses every trigger and maintains overhead. When the veil falls, a truth can be unpleasant. Many a person prefers a pleasant self-deception to a difficult truth.  But when the trip leaves no stone unturned, the self-deceptions can blow up and overwhelm and just traumatize us. The real horror begins, however, when we come down again and the establishment, the authorities, haphazardly explain to us that what we experienced there were all just senseless incoherent hallucinations, something like false reports from the brain, and that from now on we would unfortunately be crazy or mentally ill and would have to take psychiatric drugs for the rest of our lives. In such a case, the whole medical-scientific system can disguise the diabolic agenda, declare the victim insane, and thus present him with enormous social problems.

Hyperdimensional entities, autonomous complexes, demons or archetypes are different names of the same phenomenon. They live in the spiritual world and know there better than we do. If we take substances that make us more sensitive to this world, we as laymen enter their playground. For hyperdimensional entities, master demons, dark princes or simply beings who are resident there, the mental and etheric fields are a home game. The great adversary (see Wetiko) has been besieging mankind on these planes for ages and is usually vastly superior to us. He behaves in our field like in a self-service store and laughs up his sleeve, when we are diagnosed afterwards and declared unofficially crazy. So much the better for him, he feeds on our suffering.

The Eso-Guru-New (C)age Trap

We try to enter the spiritual world even without drugs. Wherever good forces are conjured up, we voluntarily open our shields and become fragile. The person who accompanies you in the situation or has brought you into it (energy healer, seminar leader, spiritual healer, healer, kundalini expert, Reiki master, guru, YouTuber, channeler, medium or the like) may well have good intentions, be successful and be fully convinced of what they are doing.However, if this person ultimately has no really profound experience in the field and has already done transformational inner work and does not quite know how to separate the false from the true, he may be an unconscious puppet of the matrix, the dark agenda. Full of conviction of being on the right path, he can be stuck in the same trap into which he is now pulling other souls unconsciously.

“Falling prey to one’s own deception can have a hypnotic effect on others, as wetikos seem so certain by what they say that they are able to project that conviction onto others.” Paul Levy – Dispelling Wetiko, Breaking The Curse Of Evil

In the archetypal deal with the devil, man gets blinding powers in exchange for his soul. The fake guru, the false light being, the hypocrite is a classic role of the archetypal adversary to pull many souls into the dark matrix. The most fascinating thing about it is that the victim voluntarily falls into the trap and protects the false light being ignorantly and with full power, knowing that he is fighting for the good, a new earth, etc. The false light being suggests to have something we need and thus parasitically ticks itself between us and the SOURCE. It seems to give, but sucks. The dark one can appear as light, as long as we cannot distinguish exactly between true and false we are in danger to fall for him. The helper syndrome is a clear sign of darkness disguised as light. Good intentions then become a bond or a trap.

Of course, there are also excellent teachers, healers, gurus, etc. who are free and do not serve evil.


Also through kundalini awakenings most users unknowingly put themselves into the hands of forces that can overwhelm them tremendously. The ego would like to awaken, but has no idea what it is actually getting into. In most cases, not much happens except wellness spirituality and ego belly-aching, which is then attributed to the healing powers of Kundalini and everyone feels good. The snake does not necessarily appear in other cultures as a friend and helper. It can also wreak havoc and the victim may then be held responsible for this himself because of his alleged “impurities” and further convinced that the active process is going well, one must now only persevere and continue spiritual gymnastics. In the worst case, one has invited a formidable psychic vampire disguised as a helper, who has infiltrated one’s psyche and is misjudged by the establishment as a complication of the awakening. Again, you have an enormous social problem in addition. The attack of the alien power is branded as impurity of the victim and the attacker remains camouflaged. If it is not recognized what has happened, one ends up in the wrong drawer. For the development process, it is a spiritual trap that has snapped shut, trapping and milking the soul in an endless loop. I don’t want to say that all kundlini experiences are from the devil and all leaders and users of it can’t also have helpful and the individuation process promoting experiences. I am only pointing out classic spiritual traps where the suggested solution ultimately makes the problem worse and spiritual emergencies are misclassified.

The serpent that enlightened people have overcome or integrated should not, in my opinion, be consciously activated or misinterpreted as the goal (God) of devotion. The archetypal image of the enlightened person rather shows that he has made the snake his servant. He has overcome it. It represents the evil, the adversary. He uses it after it lost in the battle and had to admit that the true SELF is impregnable, once we have recognized this wisdom ourselves. If the serpent is idealized wrongly, spirituality is hacked by dark forces and the student is suggested that the evil, is the actual good. Evil can only do so much to us without our permission. It suggests a lot, but needs us as executing authority! In twisted healing systems the serpent has positioned itself very cleverly and demands from the sheeple to summon it directly in the name of the good. This is a trap. If we fall into it, our belief system is twisted. We are actually in distress, but we think that we are sublime and enlightened. It is a matter of overcoming this force instead of surrendering to it as a bringer of salvation. It is a necessary evil, the catalyst for the transformation process. However, who confuses the transformation catalyst with the goal, sits in a deep spiritual trap and worships unconsciously the adversary! All religions are manipulated. They are mind control systems with partial truths that serve the purpose of twisting our belief system!


The energetic cords created by sexuality are among the most powerful connections we humans can make. A devotional orgasm is again a state in which humans lower their shields and open up energetically. This is also a reason why we feel so good then. When dark entities are on board with one, there is again a possibility for them to hijack our energy field. Sex with strangers is not necessarily the best idea from this point of view. What is going on under the term Tantra may have good intentions, but if these settings are deliberately created or visited by hyperdimensional entities and the leaders have no idea about it, the fun can remain a purely physical and a stowaway can come on board and cause a lot of trouble in the lofty name of spirituality.

Healing sessions, channelings, Reiki…

Especially mean, because of the retraumatization potential, it is always when we seek such openings of the energy field, because we expect healing and one then traps something there. We also have to open up to a person from whom we seek help. If we remain completely closed for our protection, also the good, healing and helping cannot enter. In all of this, the initiator or provider does not have to have any evil intentions at all, but can, on the contrary, be very interested in the well-being of the participants. The spiritual market today is vast and I worry that not every offer delivers what it promises. Especially when we wake up, we tend to be blind, thinking that we have made it, that we are enlightened and that from now on we have the plan and the steering wheel firmly in our hands. The adversary loves it when we lull ourselves into security. We become inattentive and stowaways can jump on as free riders. I am sure that with all the channeling and spiritual healing experts, many are betting on the wrong horse and receiving twisted messages from false angels, masters and other entities. The Reiki system in particular is suspected of being completely hijacked and taken over, as far as I know. The energy is siphoned off at the highest point and turned into negativity. The rituals are supposed to bind the soul rather, even if one even feels better at first. The adversary just likes to disguise himself as a helper.

Spiritual Practice – Even a purple veil is a veil!

The little sheep on the esoteric path is so gullible when it sees everything through a purple veil and lulls itself into security. The one who, without having transformed the shadow, concentrates only on light and love, offers the shadow the possibility to sneak in from behind unseen. The dark forces (Wetiko), demons or autonomous complexes love it when their deceptive game goes unnoticed and runs disguised as spiritual practice. Practice with fake symbols or infiltrated tools that promise the student special powers can unconsciously bind him to the dark agenda. Bernhard Wimmer describes working with the Sri Yantra, a powerful symbol, and points out the manipulations in the symbol that render it ineffective at best, or direct energy into the manipulation matrix at worst. The Flower of Life is also praised as a simple tool for infinite esoteric applications. With a nice story around it, one likes to believe to have tapped a magic symbol for oneself and would not have to do anything else.

“Esoteric uses some of these geometrical patterns (sacred geometry) to suggest to people that only good is based on them or that mystical secrets of “good” and “right” are hidden behind them. But this geometry is always both, it is part of the so-called “good” and the so-called “evil” of this world. In all these patterns there is geometrical logic, which has arisen from the underlying duality structure of our operating system. So the “flower of life” also works for the so-called “negative” forces and ambitions of this world.” Alexander Laurent

Here, too, the magic can backfire without us even noticing. The little sheep feels completely contented thereby and confuses unconsciously freedom with New (C)age dependence. Also a purple veil is a veil! Even some mass meditations are initiated by fake masters who are occupied by dark archetypal energies of the adversary. Those who voluntarily give themselves into Cobra’s snake hands and those of his vassals do not necessarily have to wake up on a better new earth, but may end up in the energetic milking station of false masters. Speaking of new earth…What I have experienced with Dieter Broers was my personal nightmare in this regard. I can fully confirm Anke’s experiences and meanwhile know some people who have experienced exactly the same with Dieter. The souls are thereby connected in series and the energy is harvested and diverted by dark forces through a taken over, false headman, an organic portal. Those who naively love evil feed it. If their sleazy deception is not exposed, they can always repeat it and feast on us. Much like a Trojan horse, the same clever deceptions and strategies exist in the spiritual world to conquer the enemy. Of course, there is helpful ritual work with primordial symbols and the effect of unbagged mass meditations is sufficiently proven, e.g. by the Global Consciousness Project of Roger Nelson. The matrix control mechanisms of the manipulation matrix jump in when the sheeple awaken and steer them into more elaborate, if desired “purple” milking loops with spiritual wellness factor.

Spiritual sandpaper

The spiritual path is full of traps and deceptions. Walking this path in a worldly oriented society may mean walking alone or trusting virtual/digital companions. Consciously walking this path automatically summons the adversary for the seeking diamond in the rough to grind against. The path goes through deep valleys in the night, which must be walked through. There are no shortcuts in this regard. They are mostly traps of the adversary. The direct path is the fastest way.

Help for self-help

I know the soul landscape and some of the traps quite well from my own experience. To understand what has happened and where in the soul landscape you are at the moment cannot be outweighed with gold after a long odyssey. Going crazy is not something you just get, crazy is something you are made by voices inside, all brazenly masquerading as “me”. Listening to a false friend inside, who wants to sell you the (sham) security of the old cage as a desirable new cage, is like an admission of the soul to voluntarily draw the short straw in the trial of strength with the adversary. To agree to a pathologization and psychiatrization of spiritual experiences at the expense of one’s own perception is like sacrificing free will and trust in one’s own perception in favor of a diabolical matrix. “We are all cooking in the same soup” (Paul Levy). I can help people in spiritual emergencies and crises to find the way out of the trap and back onto the path. One must always go alone!



Dion Fortune’s book on energetic self-defense is one I would like to share: Psychic Self Defense

Ein Klassiker: Stanislaf Grof –Spirituelle Krisen

Paul Levy: Dispelling Wetiko, Breaking the curse of evil





When researchers listen to people who hear voices


Hinweis: Alle auf meinen Seiten veröffentlichten Texte wurden von mir verfasst, sofern nicht explizit auf eine externe Quelle verwiesen wurde und haben keinen Anspruch auf umfassende Darstellung. Sie enthalten lediglich meine persönliche Meinung zu den dargestellten Themen. Alle vorgestellten Methoden beruhen auf naturheilkundlicher Erfahrungsmedizin und haben keinerlei Anspruch auf wissenschaftliche Korrektheit. Ich weise ausdrücklich darauf hin, dass sich die schulmedizinische Lehrmeinung von meinen Darstellungen unterscheiden kann!